Bonton  born to ensure even distribution of resources to global citizens. Boton has grown to become a global integrated infrastructure player with businesses in key industry verticals – Resources, having businesses in cold chain logistics, which is spread across ports, logistics, shipping ; Clothing, Real Estate, Health Care and Agro commodities . The integrated model is well adapted to the infrastructure challenges of the emerging economies. 

In a short span of time Bonton has evolved as Bangladesh’s largest Integrated Cold Chain Service Provider, Bangladesh’s largest Food Service Distributor, Bangladesh’s largest Food Service Operator and a company with the largest portfolio of brands in the consumer essentials rice segment. 

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About Resource

resource is a source or supply from which a benefit is produced. Resources can broadly be classified upon their availability—they are classified into renewable and non-renewable resources. They can also be classified as actual and potential on the basis of level of development and use, on the basis of origin they can be classified as biotic and abiotic, and on the basis of their distribution, as ubiquitous and localized (private resources, community-owned resources, natural resources, international resources). An item becomes a resource with time and developing technology. Typically, resources are materials, energy, services, staff, knowledge, or other assets that are transformed to produce benefit and in the process may be consumed or made unavailable. Benefits of resource utilization may include increased wealth, proper functioning of a system, or enhanced well-being. From a humanperspective a natural resource is anything obtained from the environment to satisfy human needs and wants. From a broader biological or ecological perspective a resource satisfies the needs of a living organism (see biological resource).

The concept of resources has been applied in diverse realms, with respect to economics, biology and ecology, computer science, management, and human resources, and is linked to the concepts of competition, sustainability, conservation, and stewardship. In application within human society, commercial or non-commercial factors require resource allocationthrough resource management.

Resources have three main characteristics: utility, limited availability, and potential for depletion or consumption. Resources have been variously categorized as biotic versus abiotic,  versus non-renewable, and potential versus actual, with more elaborate classifications.